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Subject: FWhat this story is is fantasy. There is not a word of fact, but that will
not stop it from being offensive to those that are bothered by alternative
sexuality, so if that is you please go away. If you are a minor and it is
illegal for your to read about sexuality in your area, bye-bye. For any of
you that are still with me, welcome to the dream world of one odd man.FIf you would believe the doctors and others that study dreams you might
believe many things about them that I can't quite accept. If our dreams
are the manisfestation of universal truths there is so much denial going on
that people can't know who they are. If dreams are to help relieve stress
by allowing us to face our demons, why are my dreams not of being the
victim but the victimizer?What I do know about dreams is that I nude lolita 16yo models have more of them when I have not
been thoroughly fucked and sleeping in the arms of the one who did me.
However that does not mean that my dreams are about me getting fucked, in
fact they are generally not. It is only if my lovers, human and animal,
have been neglecting me for more than a week that my mind turns that way.
Otherwise I generally dream about . . . Well, you'll see. Any of you that
have kept up with my writing know that I live in a double-wide on an acre
of well manicured land on the outskirts of a town that I moved to less than
three months ago. A guy I picked up free little lolita gallery
along the road on my first visit to
the town turned out to have just been discharged from the service and going
to his home town. I didn't think about him after dropping him off at his
parents until later when I met him at his brother's farm at a dinner my new
boss was cooking.I would not have expected any future for us as I had told him more lies
than I could ever hope to remember when I was trying to get him hot enough
to break down those government imposed thought patterns. The brothers
found out about each other that night and Tim and I have been living
together since I moved here. That's the short version. I'm a horny bitch
and he has not always been able to keep me satisfied, which leads me to
telling you about the dream I've had twice this week.Both nights I've fallen to sleep before Tim got home from wherever he was.
That could be part of the problem, right? Friday I was exhausted from a
week of classes and after cooking a dinner and arranging for my dog to go
to the vets the following morning fell asleep on the sofa in front of the
television. That is unusual in itself, because unless there is a baseball
game on I generally don't watch the television for anything other than the
news. I had switched the channel to the station that has the earliest news
and was trailing my hand through my ill dog's fur when I fell asleep.I have found dreams to be interesting in that I meet people that would
never be in one place at the same time just walking through a room.
Whether it was the two beers I drank before laying down or a desire for
watersports that is unfulfilled I found myself walking down a long hall
that was plastered with pictures of male television heart throbs that could
have as easily been on the cover of Tiger Beat as in my dreams. The young
men, boys really, were not static in their frames but smiling, waving and
more than a few were getting undressed. My need for the restroom was
getting greater, so I rushed to the end of the hall where I found not the
6X8 bathroom in my trailer but an expansive, ornate room truly built for a
prince. There was not only a shower that was larger than my entire
restroom in the trailer, a tub that sat freely in the center of the room
but two silky glass sinks, a bidet and a commode made of what I took to be
blue glass.It wasn't the room and its decor that really hit me when I moved through
the doorway but the three young men fastened by chains to the commode, sink
and shower. Attached to the commode, kneeling in preteen lolita art models
a posture of complete
submissiveness was the young John Stamos as he must have looked when he
first appeared on General Hospital. Chained by neck and legs to the sink
was the young Milo Ventimiglia that portrays Peter Petrelli as he appeared
on Gilmore Girls. And top model preteen lolite held only by little teen lolicon angles what appeared to be a purple velvet
ribbon around his dick and balls was Corbin Bleu kneeling in the opening to
the shower with his mouth hanging open.When I dropped my boxers and didn't move towards the commode the hero
opened his mouth and begged me to give him the suco on my lollipop load I was holding back.
Somehow I knew that the position under the sink would be filled by another
young actor if I did as he begged, so I walked over to Corbin Bleu and held
onto his wild curly hair while covering his chest and groin with a dose of
stinking golden piss. Again it was reinforced that I was dreaming as
wherever free little lolita gallery
the piss landed the hair disappeared from the sexy young man's
body until the only hair remaining was on his head. I was sure by this
time that the three men were there for separate reasons, Corbin to bathe in
my piss, V to drink every drop of cum I could manufacture for him and John
to clean out my ass. How I knew this is as mysterious as why I was having
this dream.Over the sink hung a sign 'feed a cocksucker, save the world'.Standing in front of John I could not help myself, I turned around and
lowered my ass to his lips. As the feeling of his tongue penetrating me
grew better and stronger I began urging him to dig his tongue deeper and to
work faster. In response he drew back and begged me to fill his mouth with
a log of shit. That is neither a pleasant idea or fantasy of mine, but I
tried to give the man that had given me so many fantasies what he wanted,
only to sputter pop farts into his open mouth. Gasping with undisguised
pleasure he sealed his lips around my ass and breathed in the noxious gas.
Between my legs I could see him speed the jerking of his hand on his dick
as each fart hit home. The man I had spent many an hour hoping to see
naked would have been disapponting if my desires had run to length.It felt like only moments that I was back in bed before I needed to return
to the bathroom and one after another give the waiting men a drink.
Standing above V, looking down as he struggled to swallow every drop before
it spilled on his chest I couldn't stop myself from throwing wood. Never
had I known myself to be as long or thick as I was at that moment. In real
life my average sized cock bends upward towards my stomach, but in my dream
it was like a dowsing rod bending towards the back of his throat until the
head was buried as deep as my horse-like length would allow it to reach and
my heavy shaved balls bounced on his pouty bottom lip. I pulled his nose
into my pubes and as I was shooting ropes of cum into his throat I could
tell the boy at my feet was transforming.No longer was Peter there, but now with a dick sticking straight between my
legs knelt Zac Efron and I knew that I would crawl across the floor to suck
the cum or piss out of that dick. I didn't get the opportunity. After
washing his saliva from my cock I turned to see that Corbin was standing
close to me with his meat waiting for my attention. He held my hand as I
lowered myself to the floor, a floor that sprouted Zac's dick as he had
moved into place ls pearl lolita elweb to fuck me. At least I thought he had.The two dicks were in me to their full length before I knew that neither
actor was intending to give me a load of cum, they wanted to bury their
cocks as far in me as they could so their flood of piss did not escape.
The two young men that filled me didn't seem able to stop pissing, first my
stomach and then my gut were extending. I was afraid to look for a moment;
when I did, I looked pregnant and was still swelling larger. The co-stars
had been buried for at least five minutes before I heard the very English
voice of Orlando Bloom telling them to step back as he was there to give me
relief from the pressure building up inside. As I reached down to grasp
the blond head to my cock I felt the tongue that had worked its way it my
ass earlier again lapping at me.There was no way I could resist the minstrations of the mouths that worked
to claim what sloshed around in my gut. I couldn't believe how forcefully
I was able to recycle the young actors' piss for the older pair. Even if
they had not wanted the waste that flowed from front and back there is no
way I would have released their heads or allowed them to close their piss
drinking mouths. Time in your dreams is unfathomable, I thought I had
stood there for an hour giving John and Orlando what they wanted and
needed, but it must have been seconds because my lover was shaking me awake
and the beginning of the news was just being announced.
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